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NO.288 11.04.2016

“Civilizational Transformation Depends on Change of Our Awareness”


“We all live in a spacecraft called ‘Earth,’ and all our problems stem from us forgetting that”

“The perspective on the world--our awareness of it--must change. Future is not something we predict: it is something we build,” said Ervin Laszlo (President, the Club of Budapest) in his lecture titled “The Earth Spaceship Vision: A New Philosophy for Our Life and Our Future” on September 23, 2016, at the Crown Hall.


A recognized world authority on philosophy of science, President Laszlo was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and 2005. He founded the Club of Budapest to study the limits of growth in the conventional economic strategy and to transcend those limits through the transformation of global awareness.


“The problems started when we forgot that we were part of the Universe”
President Laszlo opened his lecture with a rhetorical question: “Why do environmental destruction, mass extinction, climate change, societal polarization, war and so forth happen?” He diagnosed that it was because humanity forgot that we were part of the Universe, Earth, society, and the natural ecosystem. He warned, “Once we lose the sense of connectedness with our environment, we will have become a cancer that attacks other parts of the body to our eventual ruin. We live in a spaceship called ‘Earth.’ As all resources in the ship are limited, they cannot be wasted.” He emphasized on the dire need for the transformation of human perspective: “We must be keenly aware of the fact that we are part of an intricately linked ecosystem and our actions will have grave consequences for the entire system.”



“Reflective intuition should guide us”
President Laszlo suggested deep reflection upon our inner self as the guidance of our transformation of awareness. He said, “The cause of the problems is not external. One should question one’s own philosophical approach to the world and let one’s own reflective intuition to guide the direction while always being mindful of the connectedness and harmony between oneself and the whole system.”  


President Laszlo concluded his lecture with another appeal for the transformation of awareness. He urged, “Future cannot be predicted or prophesied: we must realize that we can shape our own destiny and future. The solution to our problems lies with the transformation of our perspective on the world: it lies within our awareness.”


It was the fourth lecture of the "Asking Global Intellectuals: Shift of Civilization and Future of Asia" series co-hosted by Kyung Hee University and the Foundation Academia Platonica. This special lecture series for general public discusses how the current challenges facing humanity in general are specifically connected to the future of Asia and explores possible ways to create a sustainable future model of human civilization.

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