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NO.293 12.06.2016

Kyung Hee Facility Management Program Awarded Full International Accreditation


Kyung Hee University College of Human Ecology receives international recognition for the excellence of education


Kyung Hee University College of Human Ecology and the Department of Housing and Interior Design received the highest level of six year “Full Accreditation” from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Foundation for the Housing Science undergrad and graduate academic programs in property management (PM) and facility management (FM). This accreditation is expected to broaden career opportunities for Kyung Hee students in the domestic and international job market for PM & FM.

Special focus on PM & FM program since 2010
As the quantitative expansion of new real estate building projects hit a plateau in many developed nations, the market focus turned on improving the quality and effectiveness of management on existing facilities. In response to this new emerging market trend, the College of Human Ecology in 2010 designated the PM & FM as an area of future growth engine and began the process of attaining the international accreditation by the IFMA Foundation. The aim was to demonstrate the excellence of Kyung Hee’s PM & FM programs through the international certification and accreditation while spurring academic development in the discipline through convergent communication and multidisciplinary networking required by the diverse nature of the PM & FM.


The PM & FM track was established in March 2010 and all academic programs were designed in accordance with the international standard guideline defined by the IFMA Foundation. As part of the initiative, diverse international exchange programs were also established with other universities in the Housing Science such as University of Malaya (Malaysia), University of Hong Kong, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).


High marks for systematic pedagogical program design and the excellence of faculty members
In 2016, after the graduation of the initial batch of students who started the PM & FM program in 2010, the Kyung Hee College of Human Ecology first applied for the initial stage of certification for the international accreditation by the IFMA Foundation. After passing the initial stage, the second stage of certification occurred between August 22 and 25, 2016, with a visit to Kyung Hee Seoul Campus and an on-site examination led by Steve Lockwood (Director, IFMA Foundation) and Jon Seller (IFMA Foundation). They closely examined the College of Human Ecology and the design and execution of current PM & FM programs. After the evaluation, Kyung Hee University received high marks for the systematic pedagogical program design & management, excellence of faculty members, and clear understanding and knowledge on the PM & FM demonstrated by current students and alumni of the programs.


Expanded international career opportunities for students
The international accreditation of the PM & FM program by the IFMA Foundation has three grades defined by the length of the certification: two, three or six years. Kyung Hee University received the six-year accreditation, the highest available degree. This accreditation is expected to open new doors for Kyung Hee students in the domestic and international job market. The IFMA Foundation also agreed to award scholarship to select students in the PM & FM program and to invite them with expense to the “World Workplace,” the biggest annual academic symposium on the PM & FM in the world, with recommendations for job openings among international PM & FM companies.

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