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NO.315 04.03.2017

Student Daehwan Jang (Nursing, ’12) Donated All His Scholarship Fund

“The more you have received, the more you can give”

“Until I’ve reached this point in life, many people have lent me a helping hand. Now it is my turn to pay it forward and extend a helping hand, but I couldn’t take another person’s hand while trying to hold onto what I’ve got. Only after giving away everything, I was able to take the hands of the children and hug them.”

Student Daehwan Jang (Nursing, ’12) donated the 10,000,000 KRW scholarship fund he had received while working as a lecturer at the Dream Class. He made the donation to NGOs and child cancer patients not in his name but in the name of his ten middle-school pupils, so that the kids would take away the experience of charitable giving.

He first discovered the Dream Class in the website of Scholarship Support Team at Kyung Hee, which is a social contribution program sponsored by Samsung that provides educational opportunities for underprivileged middle-school age children and furnishes scholarship for college students who participate as lecturers. Student Jang did four terms of the Dream Class and received 10,000,000 KRW in scholarship.


“I was able to give because the University took care of my basic academic needs”
Regarding the reason for making the donation in the name of his pupils, Jang said, “I wanted to teach the kids that, even if you were underprivileged and receiving help from others, it is still possible for you to help others and to make a positive contribution to the society. I wanted to encourage them to think seriously about how to live a good, virtuous life even through hardship.”

Jang also added, “It would have been difficult for me to give away the scholarship had my own tuition not been taken care of through various scholarship opportunities the University had furnished.” Beside the Dream Class scholarship, he has received several scholarships from Kyung Hee including a merit-based scholarship and the Magnolia Story scholarship. According to the Korean Council for University Education, Kyung Hee’s aggregate scholarship fund is the largest among all four-year universities in Seoul.


“Wanted to make a positive impact to others while studying at college”
The decision to give away the scholarship money was not a rash, one-off choice. Building upon his educational foundation in Nursing Science and the humanist curriculum at the Humanist College, Jang has been actively involved over the years in several charities such as food bank program for the homeless and educational volunteerism for underprivileged school-age kids. He said, “In the University I learned of understanding human beings more deeply and emphatically. I started to ponder on how I could make a positive impact to the people I meet and to the society. This deep soul-searching was the philosophical framework for my charitable work and giving.”

He first learned ways to mend human discomfort in nursing science, his college major, and learned how people can change and grow through education in the Humanitas College. He is even re-taking the first-year Core I course “Human Quest for Values” at the Humanitas College to see if he can discover different insights in the second time given the first-hand experience in charitable work he has had since. Jang is also eyeing the next goal for his altruistic work. He said, “Per World Happiness Report 2017, it seems the next needy area after food, clothing, and shelter is education and medical service. I would like to first become a clinical nurse, and continue my study with field experience to bring together education and medical science.”

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