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NO.318 05.11.2017

Kyung Hee Selected for Software Focus University Development Project

Kyung Hee University has been awarded the Software Focus University Development (SFUD) 2017

The new government project will provide one billion KRW in 2017, two billion KRW per year between 2018 and 2020, and, if the project is extended for another two years, 11 billion KRW in total research funding. In all, 38 universities applied for this year, which made for a competitive ratio of 6.3:1, the highest in the history of the project. 


Aims to establish the best and the largest innovative software education environment in Korea
Through the Software Focus University Development (SFUD) project, Kyung Hee plans to build a specialized convergence software development environment, the largest and most innovative in the country, to train software experts of future. A new college with two affiliated departments will be launched in February 2018 to architect the new initiative: The Department of Software Convergence for 60 students was established this year and the Department of Computer Engineering expanded from 72 to 90 students in preparation of the formal founding of the new college.


Kyung Hee’s future-oriented convergence software development education model has already been tested with a previous project called KHU-CEM, and its successful completion was the main catalyst for Kyung Hee’s winning the SFUD funding. The University also diversified its goals in a brilliant pincer movement in that the two affiliated departments under the new college will respectively focus on the basic IT science & engineering (Dept. of Computer Engineering) and the convergence software development (Dept. of Software Convergence) to maximize synergy while securing diversity in their fields of expertise. Also, starting 2019, 30 students of the new college (20% of the total student body) will be awarded a full-tuition scholarship for four years under the title, “K-SW Talents.”

Pre-college education program for promising young students
As part of the new convergence software initiative, Kyung Hee plans to offer a five-year, concurrent combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program in biomedical Big Data analysis for highly motivated, academically-robust undergrad students. This program will start in 2018 with an initial class of three students, with provisions to expand in future. Also, a new software-oriented program called “KHU SW Bootcamp” will be created for students outside the field of computer science/software development looking to dual-major or add a software-related minor to their degree. The Department of Software Convergence will create four dual-major programs and six software-related minors in 2018, with plans to add six more software-related majors/minors in 2019.

For high school graduates who have been accepted into Kyung Hee through the pre-CSAT admission, the current pre-college software education program will be revamped in 2018 to reflect the latest global trends under a new name, “Software Mind.” It will be mandatory for all new students coming into the University, both for the Seoul and the Global campuses, regardless of their intended majors. The SFUD project will be a catalyst for a major reorientation of the entire university curriculum in the direction of convergence software education with a strong emphasis on field experience, leading to the nurturing of young talents who will pioneer the future of Industry 4.0 and the repositioning of Kyung Hee as a global leader in convergence software.

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