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NO.319 05.11.2017

Kyung Hee Showing Strong Technological Leadership in the Cutting-Edge Display Market

In January 2017, Augmented Reality Display was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, the largest electronics tradeshow in the world, in Las Vegas, USA.

This new technology signals that the type of seamless integration of reality and information such as what we saw in sci-fi films including Iron Man and Minority Report is coming into reality in near future. We visited Kyung Hee Ted-LCD National Research Center (TNRC) to learn more about its basic technology and possible applications & repercussions.



Training young IT talents with global-competitiveness
Since being designated as the next generation display research hub in 2001 by (what is now) the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Kyung Hee Ted-LCD National Research Center has been a center of research, consultation, and dissemination of knowledge for academic researchers, laboratories, and private companies, supporting the development of new products and technologies and resolving problems they might encounter. The current focus of the Center is on training young talents for future, as characterized by the dual degree graduate program with école Polytechnique that grants a master’s degree from both universities after a term of two and a half years of study (one year at Kyung Hee and a year and half at école Polytechnique). The Center also has an in-house facility worth over 10 billion KRW to develop and produce TFT-LCD, OLED, flexible display, sensors, and solar cells.



Numerous “world’s first” research breakthroughs; many by students
In May 2016, during the “Display Week 2016” symposium hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) in San Francisco, California, Kyung Hee doctorate students Soohee Lee and Jaekwang Uhm received the “Distinguished Student Poster” and “Distinguished Student Paper” awards, respectively. These awards are given to the top 6% of all academic articles submitted to the SID, and it goes to demonstrate the level of technical sophistication and innovation at Kyung Hee TNRC. The “world’s first” track records of the TNRC are spectacular: 4-inch AMOLED flexibly display (2005) (co-developed with Korea SDI), transparent AMLOLED (2005) (co-developed with UDC, USA), auto-stereoscopic 3D display (2009), RGB1B2 AMOLED (2010) (co-developed with UDC, USA), and others. Professor Jin Jang said, “The future of display will be implemented in various formats such as foldable, rollable, flexible, and so on, that will open up a completely new set of applications and possibilities. Kyung Hee’s AMLED technology in particular has a great potential to bring about significant changes in the future of the information display industry.”

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