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NO.320 05.11.2017

Gift of Hope for Underprivileged Regions in the World

Kyung Hee Center for International Development Cooperation (CIDEC) was established in December 2010 to lead the research, planning, and implementation of global development cooperation.


The activity portfolio of the Center includes academic research, policymaking consultation, education, project deployment & implementation in the field, and others. The Center was involved in establishing a fair-trade coffee industry in East Timor, Social Science Korea (SSK), Quàng TrįProvince Happy Program in Vietnam, and other academic cooperation programs.


Comprehensive partnership for the global society
Between July 2010 and February 2016, the Center managed the “International Development Cooperation Awareness Campaign” for university students; from July 2011, the “KOICA ODA Young Internship Program” for experts and aspiring researchers in relevant fields. The Center has also been involved in the Korea Social Science Research project of the National Research Foundation since 2012, and between September 2016 and August 2017 the Center is conducting a mid-stage research program titled, “Establishing Comprehensive Partnership in International Development Cooperation.” This research seeks a comprehensive, effective management model that covers both the Official Development Assistance (ODA), the official government channel of international aid & development, and international business cooperation & partnerships in the private sector.



A Cup of Coffee, A Cup of Peace
The most remarkable recent achievement of the Center is the establishment of “East Timor Fair Trade Coffee” that connected local coffee producers, private companies interested in corporate social responsibility, and socially-conscious youth workers into a poverty-fighting co-op. In the villages of Rotutu and Kabraki, a distant, underprivileged region of East Timor, the Center organized a co-op; built under its umbrella a green coffee bean processing factory that exports coffee beans through fair trade and a café that serves local residents. 10% of the co-op’s proceeds goes toward the development of the community, creating jobs, sustainable farming, and increasing income level. In August 2015, the Center published a book titled A Cup of Coffee, A Cup of Peace that outlines its fair-trade coffee project in East Timor.



Happy Program for the future of humanity
From 2014 to 2018, the Center is running the Quàng Trį Province Happy Program with a total budget of $23.7 million USD that transplants in Vietnam the experience and know-how of the Korean Saemaul Undong (New Community Movement). Furthermore, from 2015 to 2018, the Center is conducting an academic-collaborative program called the Product Design Matrix (PDM) that evaluates and optimizes ongoing international aid & development programs such as the Youth Filmmaking Education, Local Economic Infrastructure for Job Creation (Indonesia), and the Poverty-Fighting for Senior Citizens and Healthcare Improvement project (Cambodia). Director Hyuksang Son of CIDEC said, “We are focused on the PDM to systemically improve the efficacy of our projects and deployment capability. This will drastically upgrade our cooperative partnership with developing nations and contribute to their efforts in economic and social betterment.”

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