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NO.322 05.29.2017

Top Honor for Kyung Hee in Industry University Evaluation 2016

In recognition of the excellence of education and training provided by its Department of Architecture Engineering, Kyung Hee University was named as the best institution in the subject of architecture (construction) in the Industry University Evaluation 2016

The Industry University Evaluation, managed by the Ministry of Education and the Korean Council for University Education, evaluates the workplace performance of recent university graduates, and, in turn, judges how well-designed and executed university curriculums are to equip their students for career challenges. In this year’s evaluation, universities were assessed in five categories: architecture (construction), civil engineering, machinery, automobile, and shipbuilding.
Industry-friendly hands-on programs (display and field survey) received positive reviews
Kyung Hee Department of Architecture Engineering received high marks in all three areas of evaluation (course design, management, and output) in large part due to the proactive response of the department to meet the fast-evolving demands from the field seeking young leaders with a future-oriented perspective and a firm command of latest practical knowledge. As part of an ongoing effort to maintain a clear line of bilateral communication with the industry, the department frequently conducts job performance assessment of current Kyung Hee student interns and recent alumni, modifying course structure to reflect the latest demands and needs of the industry. Regular special lectures by industry experts are also offered to provide a competitive edge for Kyung Hee students.

The annual Misuk Exhibition is the main venue to display senior projects by the graduating class and to exchange critiques and ideas with friends, alumni, and experts in the field.


Another important aspect of educational methodology the department champions is the importance of hands-on understanding of the latest trends in the future field of employment for students, augmented by regular visits, face-to-face meetings, and tours of relevant construction sites and companies. Also, in-depth counselling and individually-tailored advisory sessions by faculty members guide students in their search for a career path.


Education and research infrastructure designed to meet industry demand
The department plans to strengthen its education and research infrastructure by designing new curriculums and programs with high demand potential from the industry, such as academy-industry collaboration, job counselling, marketability analysis, support for new venture startups, short and mid-term internship programs with overseas construction firms, technology and personnel consultation with Korean construction firms planning to broach overseas market, and so on. Dean Geunyoung Yun said, “Over 90% of our departmental faculties have prior working experience in the field they teach. Our curriculums are designed with a clear focus on practical applicability of the core principles and knowledge of architectural engineering. As vetted by this award, we will continue to forge ahead to train global engineers with creative mind and executive prowess.”

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