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NO.323 05.29.2017

Searching for the Future of East Asia in the “East Sea Rim”

Kyung Hee Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) was founded in 1986 to research symbiotic modes of peaceful cohabitation in the Korean peninsula and the East Asia

Pioneer of comprehensive regional studies in the “East Sea Rim”
The IGA has reached a turning point in the 21st century. The institute was first selected as an associate research firm for the Humanities Korea (HK) project in 2009, and its status was upgraded in 2011 as a designated research firm in overseas region. Since 2009, the IGA has been making a comprehensive research on the geopolitical area called the East Sea Rim (ESR), encompassing the Korean peninsula, China, Japan, and Russia that surround the East Sea, and exploring the region’s current status of affairs, dynamics, and future potential.


Published nine volumes of ESR Research Series
The cumulative research efforts of the IGA have been collated into the five-volume East Sea Rime Research Series. The encyclopedic series deals with a wide variety of topics on the ESR ranging from history, culture, political intricacies, future-oriented cooperation, possible modes of symbiosis, and others. This year the IGA also plans to publish a four-volume edition that analyzes the Northeast China and the Russian Far East in the perspective of history of religion.

In October 2016, the IGA hosted an international symposium exploring the mode of cooperation between Eurasia and the ESR regions. Under the topic of “The ESR: Conflict and Cooperation,” over 60 scholars from Korea, China, and Japan gathered to discuss the possible modes of cooperation among the ESR nations and ways to resolve outstanding conflicts.


Sponsoring internship programs for foreign bureaucrats and online civic education courses
Between 1993 and 2000, the IGA sponsored ten short-term educational internship programs for foreign government bureaucrats, beginning with officials from the Liaoning Provincial Government of China in 1993. In the spirit of international camaraderie and cooperation, the program introduced foreign bureaucrats to the Korean culture and advanced scholarship in the fields of their respective expertise.


Between 1999 and 2010, in cooperation with KOICA, the IGA hosted nineteen international internship programs for over 310 bureaucrats from 11 countries such as China, CIS, ASEAN, Africa, and Middle East. These programs covered a diversity of topics in 19 courses including economic development strategy, administrative structure layout, international trade promotion, and others.

Starting 2013, the Institute is co-hosting the East Sea Rim & Dokdo Academy (ESRADA) with the NH Bank. This academy is an online civic education program designed to disseminate correct information and systematic knowledge on the ESR and Dokdo. All videos created by the academy are freely available at the websites of the IGA, the ESRADA, and their YouTube channel. In all, 29 lectures divided into three categories (History & Culture, Politics & Economics, Nature & Ecology) are available online.

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