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NO.339 08.11.2017

Department of Applied Chemistry Raising Market Competitiveness for Pharmaceutical Materials

Kyung Hee University has been selected for the Gyunggi Regional Research Center (GRRC) project


With the proposed financial support of the GRRC, Kyung Hee Institute of Medical & Pharmaceutical Materials Research (KHIMPMR) has been founded to research base technologies and to raise the market competitiveness of pharmaceutical material industry in the province of Gyunggi through technological transfer. The GRRC is a provincial government-led collaborative initiative across industry, universities, and research centers to develop new technologies and train employment talent pool within the province. The project will span over six years with 1.07 billion KRW in annual research funding, with the total projected research expenditure over 6.4 billion KRW at the completion. This project is currently joined by eight corporations (ST Pharm, Lifetree Biotech, NeoKorea, Amorepacific Corporation, and others) with many more to follow.

Collaboration to blaze a new avenue of business
Pharmaceutical materials are created by synthesis, fermentation, or extraction that become the base ingredient for manufactured pharmaceutical products. Korean pharmaceutical materials have been mainly exported to the USA and European countries, but they have recently found a new inroad to South America. Korean pharmaceutical materials are highly competitive in the international market due to their higher purity and reliability compared to similar products from India or China at a reasonable price point. But most of the manufacturers in Korea are small to mid-size firms with relatively modest R&D budget and no central organization to facilitate communication and technological transfers among them.


Professor Hak-Won Kim of the Department of Applied Chemistry (Director, KHIMPMR) said, “The role of KHIMPMR will be augmenting the research capability of those small pharmaceutical material firms through technological transfer and the use of research equipment at the University. It also provides a great opportunity for our students to acquire hands-on experience in the relevant field with future career possibilities.”


“Global Campus as the hub of pharmaceutical firms and research centers”
The province of Gyunggi is the main hub of Korean pharmaceutical materials and biotechnology industry with about 90% market share of all Korean output. Of the top 30 Korean pharmaceutical material firms, 25 are located in the province near Seoul. Manufacturers of sanitary aid products are also concentrated in the province of Gyunggi.

Professor Kim said, “Many major pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Hanmi Pharm Co. and CKD Pham Co. are located in the vicinity of our Global Campus in the tri-city area of Yongin, Suwon, and Hwaseong. The serendipitous location of the Global Campus played a fortunate role in our selection of the GRRC project.” Another strong merit of Kyung Hee University is the acclaimed tradition of medical expertise as well as being the only university in Seoul metropolitan area with dedicated medical departments, six in all, covering all major areas of medicine (Medicine, Korean Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Korean Pharmaceutical Science, and Nursing Science).


The diverse expertise, capabilities, and experiences of the faculty members of the Department of Applied Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, and the Graduate School of East-West Medical Science are expected to create a constructive, synergistic research ecosystem with the KHIMPMR at the hub. The institute plans to facilitate academia-industry collaborative research projects for synthetic pharmaceutical materials, natural medicinal materials, and biomedicine with eyes for technological transfers and commercialization in the global market.

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