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NO.344 10.16.2017

“Happy Dormitory” Now Open for Business

“Happy Dormitory” at Kyung Hee University Seoul Campus is now ready for moving-in

Cardboard boxes have piled up at the entrance and students are busy moving their stuffs inside: this is what you would have seen on August 26, 2017, at Kyung Hee University Happy Dormitory. Student Hyun Kyu Myung (Hospitality Management, ’17), who had moved in on the first day, said, “The brand-new ‘Happy Dormitory’ building came highly recommended, and its facilities and amenities have borne out my expectations. I’m very satisfied.”

Ten-story building with two underground levels accommodating 926 students
The initial plan for Happy Dormitory goes back to June 2012, when Kyung Hee received a subsidized government loan package worth 23.5 billion KRW to increase on-campus housing. The University subsequently launched a construction project for three dorm buildings in the vicinity of Imun-Dong, Hoeigi-Dong, and the Main Stadium. In 2014, the first two buildings of Happy Dormitory opened to provide on-campus housing for 124 students, and the third dorm building near the Main Stadium opened its doors for 926 students in August 2017. The latest and biggest “Happy Dormitory” building is a ten-story structure with two underground levels for a gross floor area of 17,785 m2 that has 458 twin rooms and ten specially-equipped rooms for students with disability. Dorm amenities include a lobby, tabled sitting areas around the building, book cafe overlooking the Main Stadium, fitness room, cafeteria, convenience store, and others. The rate is set at 199,000 KRW per month for a twin room, which is much more reasonable than the common going rate of 280,000-400,000 KRW per month of other privately-funded dormitories, as the Happy Dormitory was constructed with a low-interest government subsidy.



The two underground levels and the first floor will be full of residential amenities and public facilities, including the main hall on the first floor and the book caf?. The interior design will employ many arches made of red bricks and timbers that will echo the classical architectural theme of the Seoul Campus. The main hall can also be converted easily into a venue for small-scale exhibition, lecture, or fine arts performance.

The new dorm building can be accessed from two directions: from the Main Stadium side and the Kyung Hee Middle & Elementary School side. The route through the Main Stadium is connected to the underground level 2 of the dorm building, and the entrance from the Kyung Hee Middle & Elementary School side leads to the underground level 1. This is due to the design decision to take advantage of the natural incline of the hilly terrain that the building sits on.

As the last and the biggest Happy Dormitory building is now online, the total number of on-campus housing capacity of the University has improved from 5,488 to 6,414. Accordingly, the ratio of the available on-campus housing capacity against the total student population has also increased to 22.1% from the previous 18.9%.

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