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NO.355 12.08.2017

Professor Young-Guk Park, Dean of College of Dentistry, Elected as Member of FDI Council

Dean Young-Guk Park of College of Dentistry has been named as a Councilor of the governing council of FDI World Dental Federation

At 2017 World Congress of FDI World Dental Federation in Madrid, Spain (August 29 ? September 1, 2017), Professor Park was elected as a Councilor of the governing council of FDI (F?d?ration Dentaire Internationale) World Dental Federation. There are ten Councilors in FDI Council, and Professor Park is the second ever Korean Councilor in fifteen years. FDI Council is the highest body of governance of FDI World Dental Federation that oversees all business of FDI including education, clinical research, oral health, and providing mission and vision to the world community of dentists. Councilor Park’s election is widely expected to expand the horizon of and opportunities for Korean dentistry in world oral health advocacy.

“Oral health is one of the basic rights of humanity”
FDI was founded in 1900 in France, and it is one of the major international healthcare organizations alongside World Health Organization (WHO) with more than 200 member states and expert groups from 135 countries. Professor Park twice served as a member of the Education Committee (2004 ? 2007 and 2010 ? 2013) and once as Vice-Chair of the same committee between 20143 and 2016.

On the promotion of oral health Professor Park said, “Oral health is an absolutely critical part of body health in that body health cannot be hoped for without oral health. The range of oral health goes beyond the basic function of chewing, swallowing, and tasting food; it also includes the ability to laugh, speak, and express one’s ideas and will freely. It is a basic right of humanity that should be enjoyed by all of us.”

Professor Park also touched upon his future projects as a Councilor. He said, “Bacteria that live in the mouth normally do not cause problems, but malnutrition, poor hygiene, and lack of basic sanitation and healthcare can turn normal bacteria into pathogens. We are working toward eliminating those types of oral diseases such as ‘noma.’” Professor Park also added, “As the population ages, the financial burden for old age oral healthcare can be significant in developed nations. We need to act proactively to reduce dental problems early on rather than sitting on them. Issues like these will be another area of focus for my work as a Councilor.”

“Serving as FDI Councilor is an extension of my school work”
Kyung Hee College of Dentistry, founded in 1967, is the first college of dentistry in Korea established by Koreans. The College is focused on educating talented doctors and medical personnel to contribute toward optimal oral health and better quality of life for all humanity. On the semicentennial anniversary of founding, the College has published its history in the last fifty years and is planning for many events to celebrate.

Professor Park said, “I believe it is my duty to apply the founding philosophy of Kyung Hee University to the curriculums of our college of dentistry. My work as a FDI Councilor would naturally be an extension of that effort. The diverse experience and information I would gain through FDI would be reflected upon our curriculums at College of Dentistry in a virtuous cycle that would eventually feed into the promotion of oral health for all humanity in the spirit of Kyung Hee.”

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