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NO.363 12.20.2017

Kyung Hee University, the Second Most Satisfying University among Peer Universities for Three Consecutive Years

Kyung Hee University has been ranked as the second top among South Korea’s major private universities in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) for three consecutive years

The NCSI is an index measuring satisfaction of students’ experience across campus like faculty’s commitment on lectures, faculty-student communication, staff operation, curriculum, education facility, mobile service, student administration program and so on.

Kyung Hee University’s strong performance in the NCSI is the result of a low tuition and the new Areumwon Dormitory. The dormitory, which opened under the on-campus development project ‘Space 21,’ can accommodate 926 students and is providing them with a better learning environment. Moreover, Kyung Hee’s tuition fee is one of the lowest among private universities in Seoul, according to the university education information data released by the Korea Council for University Education. The tuition requirement of Kyung Hee University including its medical school is considerably lower than that of other private universities in Seoul by over 570,000 KRW (about 523 USD).

Improvements in faculty-student communication and lecture quality made in response to the issues raised in the are also contributing factors.

Student-centered policy - Humanitas College, Future Innovation Center
Aside from liberal education provided by Humanitas College, Kyung Hee University is offering a set of required courses to nurture young student talents for the Industry 4.0 spurred by AI technologies. In the courses, individualized and multidisciplinary education is highly emphasized.

Humanitas College has been constantly evolving itself ahead of the Industry 4.0. It opened the ‘Civil Education’ class as an optional course to deepen students’ understanding toward the global issues like energy, nuclear weapon, peace, refugee and global democracy following the ‘Advances in Civilization under Global Context Ⅲ: from Big Bang to Civilization’ class in 2006 which offered a chance to look into the universe and nature, and to think about our future and science technology.

Kyung Hee also established its ‘Future Innovation Center’ that intends to propel students’ entry into society. It offers diverse programs to assist students’ efforts to engage in social activities, covering such areas as employment, founding start-up firms, civil society, academia, cultural & art circles, global institutions, freelancing, and alternative life.

Kyung Hee is now working to reshape its education system to become more student-oriented and to guarantee better learning rights. Under the new system, the new subjects and curriculum will be developed according to the demands of the society and students, and students will be allowed to take courses regardless of the major they have chosen. Moreover, multidisciplinary education will be better activated. The new system, if it takes root, is expected to make students much more satisfied with their life at Kyung Hee University.

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