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NO.368 01.15.2018

“In 2018, Let Us Lay Down the Foundational Principles For Future University”

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres issued a dire warning in his New Year’s Address saying, "The world is going upside down.” He warned the world that the risk of nuclear war is at its highest since the Cold War, climate change more serious than ever, social inequalities, human rights violations, nationalism and xenophobia are growing at an unprecedented rate.

At the “2018 Kick-off Ceremony,” all members of the Kyung Hee family shared the concern for the future and committed to the will to create a new hope, listening to the voices for future generations even as the dark clouds of gloomy portends loom on the horizon of civilizational transition. The ceremony was held on Jan 2, 2018, at the lobby of Grand Peace Hall of Seoul Campus, attended by over 250 Kyung Hee members including President Inwon Choue, from all colleges, medical institutions, and the cyber university.

"As the signs of world crisis come to reality, university also needs to reexamine itself"
In his New Year’s speech titled, “Future of Academia in an Era of Transformation,” President Inwon Choue introduced the new year’s speech of UN Secretary-General Guterres and questioned, “As we are faced with urgent crises, what do we need to do as members of university? We need to constantly reexamine ourselves and actively seek ways to improve.”

In the past several years Kyung Hee has been seeking new challenges and vision for “future university true to its mission,” focusing on the dreams, hopes, enthusiasm and aspirations of the future generations while revisiting the meaning of the transformative era.

At the end of last year, the University carried out an awareness survey for the members' debate “Excellence in Education and Research for Future Generations--Kyung Hee's Challenge.” In the survey, all the members chose to the “pursuit of academic excellence“ as the most important value for universities in this era.

After introducing the result of the survey, President Inwon Choue said that, though the “pursuit of academic excellence” is the core competency of a university, there seems to exist a tendency that the quest for truth--the main goal of the university--is frequently enervated by the competitive free market capitalism that pressures universities to adopt uniformity, standardization, and pigeonholing required by the era. He added, “It is necessary to find a balance that can reflect the academic value and human value of the discipline while contributing to the practical value of abundance and prosperity.”

Improving the academic environment and university administration that can raise pride and aspiration of members
President Inwon Choue also emphasized the shift in awareness to cope with the immediate crisis and continue a sustainable future and a place for sustainable living for future generations, saying "I would like to make the year 2018 for us to lay down the basic principles for future university, committed to excellence in education and research, students' active social advancement, proficiency in administration, and fulfilling public responsibility." In addition, President Choue announced plans to focus on the tasks in and outside the university for 2018, in response to the survey and the changes in the rapidly evolving era.

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