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NO.372 01.22.2018

Authors of Literature Kyung Hee “Swept” 2018 Spring Literature Contests

Literature Kyung Hee, which boasts more than 60 years of history and tradition, produced multiple winners announced earlier this year in the series of annual spring literature contests held by major newspaper publishers

Although Kyung Hee University have consistently produced winners every spring in these annual literary contests, this year has seen a particularly strong showing. First, they practically dominated this year’s spring literary contests by major newspapers: won in three categories in Seoul Sinmun’s spring literary contest and won in two categories of Segye Times’ contest. Second, a total of six Kyung Hee alums started their literary career through spring literary contests in a single year, which is a new record.

Winners in Seoul Sinmum Literary Contest (from the left): alums Eunji Park (poetry), Minsoo Kim (fiction), and Chul-joo Lee (critique)

In Seoul Sinmun’s spring literary contest, Eunji Park (Korean Language and Literature of Graduate School) in the category of poetry, Minsoo Kim of Kyung Hee Cyber University (Media and Creative Writing, ’13) in fiction, and Chul-joo Lee (Korean Language and Culture of Graduate School) in critique received awards.

In addition, Kyung Hee Cyber University's Ok-ja Woo (Media and Creative Writing, ’10) won under the pen name Nam-jung Woo in the category of poetry; Jae-hoon Jeong (Korean Language and Literature of Graduate School) received the notice of winning from Segye Times in critique. Meanwhile, So-yeon Lee (Korean Language and Literature of Graduate School) won Busan Daily’s contest in poetry under the pen name So-hoe Lee.

A new record set by winning in the categories of poetry, fiction, and critique of Seoul Sinmun, poetry and critique of Segye Times
Kyung Hee alum Eunji Park, who won Seoul Sinmun’s contest in poetry with a poem titled, “The Really Distant Place," said, "I failed more than ten times in the spring literary contests. I could not give up every time I failed thanks to cheering and encouragement from my professors, seniors, and juniors in the Department of Korean Language and Literature. I have received a lot of power through poetry. I am glad that I can share that power with others.”

Alum Jae-hoon Jeong won the critique category of Segye Times’ contest with his analysis of Hye-young Pyeon’s novel from the perspective of imagining disaster titled, “From an Apocalyptic Disaster to an Individualized Disaster.” He said, "I want to put into a photograph the neighborhood which I have lived in for over twenty years before this year passes, as it will soon be demolished by redevelopment. I want to record it with humility, while being conscious of the sense of loss.”

Alum So-hoe Lee, whose poem “Yulga” won in poetry category of the Busan Daily’s contest, said, "The news of winning arrived as a wakeup call that I should pull myself together and start my life anew. I would like to be able to help someone or save something with a pen."

Once again excellence in achievement adorn the long tradition and strength of Kyung Hee Literature
In the last 69 years, the proud literary tradition of Kyung Hee has consistently produced poets, novelists, and critics who have represented the best of Korean literature from the middle of the last century, and the University has been known as the cradle of Korea’s literature. This strength of Kyung Hee literature comes from the excellent faculties and pioneering support system of the University.

High school literary writing contest and literary scholarship system were first introduced and the "teacher of literature" represented by such influential authors as Sun-won Hwang and Byung-hwa Cho established the tradition of Kyung Hee literature. In recent years, the creative passion of undergraduates and the theoretical study led by graduate students have been revitalized, centered on the “Creative Literary Writing Group” and the “Modern Literature Study Society.”

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