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NO.403 06.05.2018

A New Attraction on the Seoul Campus: ‘Delightful Promenade’

The Seoul campus offers a new attraction, ‘Delightful Promenade’

Members of Kyung Hee and citizens of Seoul are thoroughly enjoying the new, dedicated pedestrian walkway built on both sides of the main artery that connects the University Motto Tower (UMT), the College of Fine Arts (CFA), the Institute of International Education, Kyung Hee Middle/High School, Sundong Lake, and Kyung Hee Elementary School. Above all, this ‘delightful promenade’ provides a safe walkway that separates automobiles from foot traffic. Moreover, the dedicated walking space fosters socializing among people and communication between humans and nature.

More accessible Sundong Lake, more intimate with Nature
Walk up the pathway of the ‘Delightful Promenade,’ and you will come across the ‘Kyung Hee-an Statue.’ Standing on the deck built below the statue, the beautiful landscape of the Seoul campus comes into a full view, thanks to the effort to maximize green space and to use environmentally-friendly construction material. Continue your journey down the staircase, and the next interlocutor is the sound of the waterfall. By opening the access to Sundong Lake, which previously remained closed due to safety reasons, the small waterfall that serves as the precursor to the lake has also debuted. Taking a stroll on this desirable promenade brings one closer to the lake, as well as the ecosystem built around it.

Student Ellie Lee (Housing and Interior Design, ’17) shared her thoughts on the benefits of the promenade, saying “When I am inundated with a lot of work, such as project assignments and exams, and my head is cluttered with too many thoughts, I take a walk on the ‘Delightful Promenade,’ which instantly calms my mind. On the walkway, I realize that I am close to the forest, and that humans become whole when we are close to nature.”


The Kyung Hee spirit dwells in every tree and down to each stone on campus
The Kyung Hee campus was unique from its inception. In 1953, the University was the first in Korea to build each building and facility based on a master development plan. There is a clear reason why the Seoul campus has a lot of green space; from the day it was founded, Kyung Hee was particularly passionate about protecting nature. Hence, every tree and each stone is a manifestation of the founding philosophy of Kyung Hee.

When the University Administration Building, the first stone building in the country engineered by Koreans, was going up, pine trees that got in the way of the construction were left untouched. Even in locations that seemed clearly off limits to plantation, holes were drilled into large boulders to make room to plant gingko trees. In addition, a greenhouse was built first, which exemplifies the extraordinary enthusiasm to create a green campus.

‘Delightful Promenade’ is an extension of ‘Space 21,’ a comprehensive campus development project that concluded its first phase last year. It is hoped that this walkway will be enjoyed not only by the Kyung Hee family, but also by all citizens who visit the campus.

Kyung-sook Heo (65), a resident of Dongdaemun-ku who visited the Seoul campus, expressed her gratitude. She said, “I have always known about the exquisite beauty of the Kyung Hee campus, but the promenade that offers a safe and desirable walkway adds to the beauty. I am thankful that the University has provided an outdoor rest area for the citizens, too.”

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