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NO.413 07.17.2018

"Professors Must Set the Example for 'How to Learn by Oneself'"

The first recipients of Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) for better education have been announced

Professors Hyun Park of the Department of Economics, Don Moon of the Department of International Studies, and Chang-sik Oh of the Department of Horticultural Biotechnology have been announced as the winners for this year’s Kyung Hee Fellowship in Education. In 2017 the University established Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) system in order to improve the quality of Kyung Hee education system by awarding excellent cases and sharing them with our members. In fact, Kyung Hee Fellow (Research) system, which started in 2008, has expanded to Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) system. Beginning with Professor Hyun Park, the recipients' views on education will be examined respectively in a series of three articles.


"(Professor Park) made my yearning for knowledge and learning surge," “I learned how to think logically, not to think as I was told," "He encouraged me to keep up my academic curiosity in real life." The selection committee of Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) asked all the students who enrolled in classes of Professor Hyun Park to evaluate his classes, and more than expected responses poured out.


What makes Professor Park's lecture so special to enthuse so many students? To share his educational philosophy and to seek better Kyung Hee education, on May 24th Professor Park gave a lecture in celebration of winning the Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) under the title, "Is our classroom alive?" 



"Research is the basic condition for being an example of learning"

Professor Hyun Park first pointed out major issues of current Korean university education. The biggest problem is that it fails to pique curiosity and interest for leaning in students. Professor Park said, "Students cannot be fully equipped for the future by simply acquiring present knowledge. The key is in making students learn by themselves, not teaching them." How then can we make our students learn like that?

Professor Park believes that knowledge professor delivers should be balanced with knowledge students require, and the professor must first demonstrate to the students 'how to learn by oneself,' as they cannot learn how to think by themselves unless the professor shows the mechanism of critical thinking directly to the students.

Professor Park said, "The professor must suggest limitations of existing knowledge with a keen analysis and criticism, beyond a simple delivery of knowledge utilizing given textbooks to students. He stated that "in this process the students can recognize developmental possibility of knowledge."

According to Professor Park, the basic condition for exemplary learning is research. Professor Park stressed that the professor is not able to deliver the latest knowledge and, more seriously, is not able to show learning attitude to students if the professor does not keep researching. Research is an indicator of sincerity for his or her occupation as well as the basic attitude of a professor, and it is a practical representation that can reveal responsibility as an educator.


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