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NO.423 08.06.2018

Professors and Students Should Meet As Often As Possible

The Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) is awarded to those who are dedicated to providing better education. The first recipients of this award have been announced: Professors Chang-Sik Oh of the Department of Horticultural Biotechnology, Hyun Park of the Department of Economics, and Don Moon of the Department of International Studies. In 2017, Kyung Hee established the Kyung Hee Fellow (Education) program to improve the quality of education at the University, and to share its proven educational praxes. Following our interviews with Professors Hyun Park and Chang-Sik Oh, our final interview is with Professor Don Moon at the Department of International Studies


Professor Moon’s course, ‘International Political Economy,’ is famous among students as one that involves intense learner participation activities. In the first semester of this year, the class addressed international issues, such as the U.S.-China trade conflict and East Asian regional cooperation (KORUS FTA, East China Sea territorial disputes), through a curriculum focused on discussions and presentations.


Because the class is done completely in English, students must invest significant amount of preparation. However, Dr. Moon’s courses are always very popular; beside the intellectual challenges they pose, students benefit from many other aspects of his class lectures. This is how some students assess the course: “It stretches the breadth of my thinking skill and stimulates more interest in my major. Not only do I learn about things I did not know, but I also learn how I should study.”


Students are encouraged to learn on their own, and to apply what they have learned to seek solutions. This is what Professor Moon considers to be the most important aspect of education. He emphasized, “Education cannot be simply about imparting knowledge. True education puts learners at the center; based on their acquired knowledge, they are encouraged to solve problems, and to assist in defining their values and determining the direction of their life.”

‘True education’ contributes to solving problems and formulating values

Professor Moon has been awarded the Kyung Hee Fellow on the merit of his vigorous communication with the students, lectures characterized by depth and integrity, and education that inspires thinking skills and career path development.


Professor Moon is also committed to developing global talent. He has been instrumental in many high-quality programs taking root in the undergraduate curricula at Kyung Hee. For example, the ‘problem solution type classes’ program led by students and the ‘English class helpers’ program where students who completed a course with high grades are selected as mentors for the same course in the following semester.


Dr. Moon interacts actively with the students; he not only lectures in classes but also takes an active interest in the students’ college life in general such as their club activities and special skills development efforts. He said, “Professors should aspire to be ‘mentors,’ who lends an ear to their pupils’ grievances and life challenges, and then lends them a helping hand. It is a basic quality that all professors should possess.”


Professor Moon has another important message for the students: take full advantage of professors’ office hours. When you sit across from a professor and share stories on a wide variety of topics, you can obtain valuable wisdom in how to maximize the value of college life, and how to enjoy life, in general. He added, “Each individual must exert his/her own effort. Without it, you will be left behind. While you are in college, do whatever you can to ask for help.”


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