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NO.425 08.06.2018

Excellent Paper Composition; Superior Presentation Skills

A biosimilar is a copy of a biomedical product (biologic medical product) that has been recognized as having equal efficacy as the original medical product. However, it is approximately 40% cheaper. This is why around the world, governments that struggle with rising medical costs actively recommend it


Student Sun-Min Yu (Pharmaceutical Sciences, ’11) has focused on biosimilars, expanding his interest into an article titled, “Biosimilars in global market and the role of pharmacists.” The response was positive. In May, he took the Grand Prize in the 1st English Paper Writing Contest, in which eight pharmaceutical colleges in Seoul competed.


As a result, Student Yu will attend, all expenses paid, the ‘2018 Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) Congress’ to be held in the Philippines in October to present his paper. At the writing competition jointly hosted by the Seoul Pharmaceutical Association (SPA) and the Kyung Hee International Exchange Committee/Globalization Committee, several other Kyung Hee students including Soo-Yeon Lee (Pharmaceutical Science, ’13), Sang-Min Lee (’15), and Seung-Ho Jung (’15) also won prizes.

Studying ways to expand the ‘biosimilar’ market
For his paper, Student Yu received high marks for the review of literature on previous biosimilar related research, and his assessment of the issues and potential solutions.


Biosimilar is cheaper because the cost involved in the production process and development is low. However, there are safety and efficacy concerns. Biosimilars may mimic general medical products 100% in chemical structure. However, in biomedical products, in structures that fall outside the core treatment mechanism, slight discrepancies may be observed. Student Yu argued for the increased need to closely scrutinize these areas, generally known as “PharmacoVigilance,” or PV.


Student Yu explained, “In a recent paper that provided a meta-analysis of 90 studies, in which original biomedical products were switched out for biosimilars, the study reported no significant difference in safety, treatment effect, or immunogenicity (ability to provoke an immune response). In my paper, I emphasized that through long-term PV, it is important to achieve quality assurance on the antibody biosimilars that are currently being developed.”


He also stressed the role of pharmacists and said, “It is also important to convey accurate information so as to give confidence to the patients.” Underlining that biosimilars have been recognized by the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe, and that their efficacy has been proven to be equal to that of original medical products through clinical and pre-clinical tests, Student Yu asked that pharmacists provide assistance, positioning themselves in the middle between the physicians and the patients.

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