Kyung Hee Ranked 29th in THE Asia University Rankings 2021, Rising in All Areas

2021-07-12 Academic

Kyung Hee University reached 29th place in the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia University Rankings 2021

Kyung Hee achieved both qualitative and quantitative growth in research by remarkably improving scores for Citations per Paper and Research Productivity. There was a broad-spectrum improvement in all performance criteria, resulting in an all-time high record. The University also ranked first in the nation for three years in a row in the International Outlook.

Both qualitative and quantitative improvement in research
Kyung Hee scored 27.8 in total when THE first published its rankings for Asian universities in 2013. The University has been steadily going up the ranking, and this year earned 56 total points, 3.7 points higher compared to last year. Kyung Hee rose in all areas: Citations, Research, Teaching, International Outlook, and Industry Income. Notably, the surge in Citation per Paper and Research Productivity led the overall improvement. The citation count score was up by 7.5, while the Research Productivity category was 4.8 points higher.

The citation count score rose the most out of the past six years of consecutive gains. The score more than doubled from 30.3 in 2015 to 63.9 this year. THE drives its citation measure from field-weighted citation impact (FWCI) available by Scopus, the world’s largest repository of academic journal data. FWCI implies research quality by comparing your citation score with the global average. An FCWI of 1.43 indicates that the Kyung Hee’s number of citations is 43 percent higher than the average.

Promotion of international joint research and industry-university cooperation by strengthening research capability
The remarkable growth in the Citation category is largely attributable to its pursuit of academic excellence, the core responsibility for any institution of higher education. Continuous strengthening of academic capabilities landed Kyung Hee at 34th in the research quantity indicator of research performance among Asian universities in 2017. The University has maintained its position until now. Over the time, the strengthened research capability has resulted in not only quantitative but also quality growth.

Kyung Hee’s improved research performance is energizing international joint research and industry-university cooperation. The University outranked all Korean universities in the Internationalization category, propelled by the solid growth of international joint research projects.

The growth of collaborative engagement with international academia and businesses is particularly visible in the biotech and healthcare sectors. Original technology development, clinical/translational research, and commercialization have been promoted, predominantly within the Biohealth Cluster, which is the key driving force behind various activities. Following a business agreement with the US National Cancer Institute (NCI), Kyung Hee is engaged in research to eliminate intractable cancer as a member of the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) and the International Cancer Proteomics Consortium (ICPC). The University also earned 1.08 billion KRW through a technology transfer agreement over new drug candidates for patients with spinal injuries. In addition to an original technology transfer agreement on targeted anti-cancer agents that suppresses cancer metabolic characteristics, Kyung Hee is committed to joint research activities with businesses to develop dietary supplements and memory-improving ingredients.

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