Kyung Hee Engaging in Global Collaborative Research through University Innovation Support Program

2024-01-05 Research

Kyung Hee undergrad students at the Department of Advanced Materials Engineering for Information & Electronics visited a research lab of major American university through the University Innovation Support Program

The University Innovation Support Program aims to foster and cultivate qualitative innovation in university education to train future leaders of Industry 4.0. Since its initial selection in the 2018 University Innovation Support Program, Kyung Hee Office of Educational Innovation & Planning has supported diverse programs to advance academic learning aligned with anticipated changes in future societal dynamics and trends in the landscape of higher education. The Office is dedicated to enhancing educational effectiveness, with a particular focus on growing key research personnel through collaboration with leading global research institutions. The successful implementation of the Global Premier University Research Lab Exploration and Collaborative Research Program is one of the key achievements in this direction.

In July 2023, Professor Yoonseok Park of the Department of Advanced Materials Engineering for Information & Electronics sent Students Gooyoon Chung (2nd-year master's student) and Junha Kim ('18) to the research lab of Professor John A. Rogers at Northwestern University. The research result they participated in was published in the prestigious academic journal Nature Medicine (IF=87.0) in November 2023 under the title, “Wireless broadband acousto-mechanical sensing system for continuous physiological monitoring,” underscoring the excellence of the research they were part of.

During the students’ practicum at the lab, Professor Rogers’ research team developed a wireless wearable stethoscope that can continuously monitor and assess a patient’s health through the internal sound of the body. This device, while gently sticking to the skin, wirelessly tracks sounds from the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. By analyzing various sounds from the lungs, for instance, the wireless stethoscope can assess whether the pulmonary condition is improving or deteriorating. The two Kyung Hee students actively participated in the development process of the wearable stethoscope, including the production of twelve sensors used in the device, involving tasks such as soldering, software uploading, encapsulation, and packaging.

The students gained valuable insights not only through their contributions in a leading global research institution but also by the attitude of their American counterparts in terms of motivation and research. Student Kim said, “I learned that even famous researchers must go through iterative successes and failures to achieve results. Moreover, I realized that motivation is the greatest driving force for individuals.” Student Chung shared, "When I first joined the program, I still did not yet have a full grasp on what 'doing research’ meant. Once I discovered research and became interested in solving problems in the lab, I decided to pursue graduate studies. The experience of working closely with internationally renowned researchers taught me a lot, especially their positive attitude and taking the initiative in research."

Professor Park emphasized that the Global Premier University Research Lab Exploration and Collaborative Research Program has been instrumental in recruiting undergrad and graduate students. He stressed, "Thanks to the program, we were able to promote our research topics and attract many promising students to engage in diverse research activities in the lab. Based on examples like this, where Kyung Hee students have demonstrated competence in the lab setting of global research leaders, I would like to see more opportunities and initiatives encouraging undergraduate involvement in research. I believe it to be critical for promising undergrads to experience competitive research settings early on in their career to develop an interest in research, which will lead them naturally to pursue their dreams in graduate studies."

※ For further insights
- Explore Professor Park Yoonseok's research profile
- Park Research Group Website

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