‘Delightful Promenade’: Campus Reborn

2018-03-07 Campus Life

Kyung Hee Seoul Campus is being transformed into a ‘delightful promenade’

Since January 2018, construction has been underway for a dedicated pedestrian walkway on both sides of the main artery that connects the University Motto Tower (UMT), the College of Fine Arts (CFA), the Institute of International Education (IIE), Kyung Hee Middle/High School (KHMH), Sundong Lake, and Kyung Hee Elementary School (KHE). With the main focus being on safety by separating foot traffic from cars, the project has three goals: 1) to make it safe to walk on campus with dedicated pedestrian walkways; 2) to create an attractive and pleasant campus setting; 3) to foster socializing among people and communication between humans and nature.

Seoul Campus: new walkway built from UMT to CFA, KHE
The new walkway that begins at UMT creates a seamless pedestrian traffic flow, uninterrupted by automobiles. Great care was given to keeping the existing greenery intact, and using environmentally-friendly building materials. As a result, pedestrians can indulge in the ‘pleasure of taking a walk,’ as they stroll through the woods, feeling whisked away from the business of urban center.

The walkway will be equipped with intermittent rest areas. In addition, in the T-shaped intersection where KHMH, Sundong Lake and KHE meet, a deck will be installed to allow foot traffic to take a breather to enjoy nature throughout seasons. Also, benches will be placed along the promenade, punctuating a ‘break’ from stressful daily routines.

Sundong Lake, the access to which had been restricted due to safety reasons, will now be open to pedestrian traffic. By connecting the ‘delightful promenade’ to the lake, people will be able to appreciate its natural habitat and surrounding scenery.

Love of Nature: a consistent passion of Kyung Hee
The project embodies Kyung Hee’s original devotion to nature. With the backdrop of Gohwang Mountain in Hoegidong, the University has consistently expressed great affinity to nature, treating its natural habitat with utmost care and attention even down to a single stone. In fact, Kyung Hee is the first university in Korea to have created a master development plan that planed individual campus structure and landscape over a period of next 100 years.

When the University Administration Building, the first stone building engineered by Koreans, was going up, pine trees that got in the way of the construction were left untouched. Moreover, the fact that a greenhouse was planned prior to any additional structure, bears witness to the extraordinary attention paid to campus greenery. As a result, Kyung Hee has the highest ratio of green space among all university campuses in Korea.

The ‘delightful walkway,’ to be unveiled in spring, is an extension of ‘Space 21,’ a comprehensive campus development project that concluded its first phase last year. In addition to new buildings that accommodate the Colleges of Korean Medicine, Nursing Science, and Science, and the ‘Areumwon (Happy Dormitory)’ dormitory that houses some 900 student residents, the ‘Forest Promenade’ will add a new expression to Kyung Hee’s campus landscape. It is hoped that this walkway will become a popular attraction not only to the Kyung Hee family, but to the rest of the community who may visit the campus.

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