“Close Analysis of Course Characteristics Leads to Increased Student Motivation”

2021-03-08 Academic

“Education is to provide the tangible and intangible conditions that allow students to unlock their unlimited potentials.”

With methodologies that aim to increase student motivation, Professor Chang has prepared online classes with the help of special lectures provided by Kyung Hee Center for Teaching and Learning
Since his appointment in 2010, Professor Yoon-Suk Chang has maintained an average score of 90+ in student evaluations for all his classes. Professor Chang cited increasing student motivation as the key to his consistently high scores over ten years. At the start of every semester, Professor Chang carefully explains the goals of his classes and how the class lessons can be applied in related fields. This leads his students to be more involved in the class and to take a more active role by understanding why they need to learn the subject matter and how useful the knowledge gained can be.

Professor Chang spares no effort to boost student motivation. He analyzes his classes each semester and designs course content accordingly. Creating and distributing class materials in advance is also important to help students understand the overall flow of the class.

Despite his diverse efforts to help students, Professor Chang could not be immune to the COVID 19 pandemic. He got inspiration from a series of special lectures on non-face-to-face teaching methods provided by Kyung Hee Center for Teaching and Learning. He is also an enthusiastic advocate of facility improvement, such as installing advanced equipment in Kyung Hee’s contactless classroom, CyLEX.

Developing a world-class curriculum and promoting international exchanges
Serving as the Chair of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) of the College of Engineering, Professor Chang has paid a close attention to curriculum development and international exchanges. Particularly, he emphasized raising students’ capacities to a global level. “We should not be complacent. Communities, cultures, and economies across the world are closely interconnected and influence each other. For instance, a fast-evolving academic discipline such as engineering might be better delivered in English to circumvent any potential hazard caused by translation,” said Professor Chang. He lives up to his principles in internationalization by teaching many classes in English

Educators are required to play several roles. In addition to teaching, they must meet students in person to listen to them and provide counseling. Professor Chang has guided numerous students to success both on the domestic and international stages. “Kyung Hee has an excellent student support program called Homeroom Professor Counseling. I make the most of this opportunity to connect with my students,” he noted. He let his students take the credit, saying "I just give some help so that my students could bring their unique ideas to life. All the achievements are the result of their hard work.”

“Continue to embrace challenges and learn valuable lessons through success and failure.”
Professor Chang defines professorship as a medium that transfers life experiences to the next generation. Beginners always have shortcomings at first, but education stimulates them to improve and flourish in the end. He believes that education is meant to provide tangible and intangible conditions, where students can cultivate knowledge and creativity through experience and unlock their potential.

Professor Chang concluded with his sincere advice for students, who, he stressed, are still growing and not an expert yet. “Students are not authorities in any field, which allows them to fail. Failure will teach them invaluable lessons while strengthening them to take the next step. No need to shrink back. Just figure out who you are and what you can do and then set about your dreams accordingly. Your dreams will come true only when you continue to take on challenges and reflect on the ensuing success or failure,” said Professor Chang as he cheered students on.

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