Kyung Hee Research Team Pioneers Quantum Computing Algorithms

2023-07-17 Academic

Professor Eungkyu Lee of the Department of Electronic Engineering spearheaded a collaborative research team that has been selected to participate in the Quantum Computing-Based Quantum Advantage Challenge Research Program managed by the National Research Foundation of Korea

This program seeks to cultivate successful practical examples of quantum computing in practical use, fostering a quantum-centric ecosystem, and establishing an early presence in the market to propagate a wider industrial impact. Program participants are tasked with forming a consortium that encompasses both the supply and demand sectors. Kyung Hee serves as a project leader, forming a consortium with Hexa Solution and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. Kyung Hee has been selected for the project entitled Innovative Photonic Design and High-Performance Optical Film Development.

With their selection, the team has secured research funding of one billion KRW per year over the next three years. The research effort, led by Professor Eungkyu Lee (Electronic Engineering), incorporates the expertise of four other professors: Sanghoek Kim (Electronic Engineering), Sun-Kyung Kim (Applied Physics), Sunho Jeong (Advanced Materials Engineering for Information & Electronics), and Soo Hyun Hwang (Spanish). These faculty members in their respective disciplines of Physics, Materials, Electrical Engineering, and Humanities, will engage in the research, underscoring its interdisciplinary nature.

Venturing into the development of high-performance optical film based on quantum computing algorithms
High-performance optical film, the focal point of this research, is a crucial next-generation optical component witnessing an upsurge in demand within various emerging technology sectors such as zero-energy buildings, smart mobility, and ultra-high-speed data communication. As Professor Eungkyu Lee explains, “High-performance optical film encompasses multiple functions, including the transmission of visible light while reflecting near and mid-infrared wavelengths, and reflection of microwaves while permitting visible light.” Designing such an optical structure is a complex task, with the design time escalating exponentially with the increase in design variables.

Quantum computers offer a significant temporal advantage over conventional computers, providing swift data processing even as design variables expand. The joint team plans to develop a quantum computing algorithm capable of designing an optical structure, fabricate high-performance optical film accordingly, and assess its performance. The team will also verify the performance of the quantum computing algorithm by comparing it against algorithms generated using classical computers and supercomputers. Professor Lee underscores the project’s potential impact: “By way of this initiative, we can acquire foundational technology. This not only facilitates an early entry into the high-performance optical film market but also furthers industry-academia collaborations through patents and technology transfers in the realm of quantum computing applications.”

Applications of quantum computing algorithms hold significant research value as well. As the project progresses, quantum computing algorithms, which are currently in the initial stages, will be realized in multiple directions, and the research range can be expanded as the algorithms so generated are applied not only to optical design but also to new material development, condensed matter physics, and communication security. Professor Lee emphasized, "By imparting knowledge of budding quantum computing applications to undergraduate and graduate students, we can amplify Kyung Hee University’s prestige in the upcoming mature phase of quantum computing technology.”

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