Startups from Kyung Hee Getting Ready to Venture into the Global Market at CES 2024

2023-12-11 Campus Life

Kyung Hee Industrial and Academic Cooperation Foundation has selected two companies for CES 2024
Plans to expand support program for new startup companies to win innovation awards

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest and most premier annual tech exhibitions in the world where the latest technologies are presented to the public for the first time. Leading global electronics companies use CES as the venue to unveil groundbreaking technological innovations, vying for the prestigious innovation awards. A total of 3,500 companies are expected to participate in CES 2024 including Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Google, Qualcomm, and Amazon. Notably, Kyung Hee Industrial Academic Cooperation Foundation is sponsoring the global market entry of two campus startups by supporting their participation in CES 2024.

GEOGRID Co., Ltd. and Realimerse Co., Ltd. to challenge CES 2024 with their new technology
Since May 2023, the Foundation has been advertising support program opportunities for companies interested in CES, followed by a rigorous screening and selection process to identify quality candidates that might have a chance at winning the innovation award. As the result of this process, GEOGRID Co., Ltd. (in the field of smart city) and Realimerse Co., Ltd. (in the field of XR-virtual reality) successfully secured their spots to join CES 2024. Two companies plan to set up their booths at Eureka Park, a special exhibition venue exclusively reserved for new up-and-coming companies that have been less than seven years since their establishment. Only the companies that have been approved by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) can participate. The Foundation provided consultation and guidance to help GEOGRID and Realimerse successfully pass this screening process.

GEOGRID Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive control platform to monitor and regulate all aspects of plumbing and water supply issues by converging proven conventional technology associated with drinking water and the latest Industry 4.0 information technology such as AI, Cloud, IoT, and big data application. This platform can monitor water quality and flow rate in real time by strategically placed sensors within the water distribution system. The system can immediately detect the onset of problems such as rust, water leaks, corrosion, and contamination and provide eco-friendly solutions.

Realimerse Co., Ltd. specializes in an immersive metaverse interface by designing a wearable platform to interact with physical reality by means of robotic joints and limbs mounted on an exoskeletal structure that the user can wear. The company aims to improve upon the generally low level of immersion of conventional VR systems compared to the real-world sensory feedback on manipulating physical objects. With the robotic joints and limbs developed by Realimerse, users can experience a nuanced sense of weight and recoil in increments as precise as 100g per step in a fully immersive VR environment. To ensure the safety of the user, this innovative VR platform has an exoskeletal structure that is designed to protect the user from injury in case of an accident.

The fruits of Kyung Hee’s startup development process; the Foundation plans to expand related support programs in the future.
It is even more remarkable that both GEOGRID and Realimerse were created by Kyung Hee students and alums through Kyung Hee's startup development process. GEOGRID Co., Ltd. began in the Startup Incubation Center and won the grand prize at the Try Everything 2022 KHU Startup Wild Pitching Program. This year, the company relocated to Kyung Hee University Campus Town and found a fresh opportunity for growth while continuing on its winning streak: GEOGRID won the grand prize at the Campus Town Demo Day, titled “Camtown Vision,” held earlier this month.

Realimerse Co., Ltd. was born out of a collaborative classroom project between Students Min-woo Lee and Min-hyuk Ha (Mechanical Engineering, ’16), which origin can be traced back to a Capstone Design project with a strong potential that led to winning the grand prize at the 2022 LINC 3.0 Capstone Design Competition hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea. Despite the humble and somewhat accidental beginning, Realimerse continued to make strides in the field of robotics and virtual reality, garnering recognition through paper awards at academic conferences and winning a spot for preliminary startup entrepreneurship package. Since then, the company has moved into the Startup Incubation Center and is committed to pursuing their dream.

Director Yoon hyuk Kim of the Industrial Academic Cooperation Foundation stressed the crucial role of the Foundation enabling new venture companies to negotiate the challenging phase of initial survival until they can find a reliable revenue stream to subsist. He said, “In order for early-stage startups to overcome the so-called ‘Valley of Death,’ they need clear strategies and brilliant execution to target the global market. In view of the urgent need for successful and effective global market penetration, the Foundation decided to encourage and endorse participation in CES as a means of supporting the growth of young startups on campus. We hope the participating companies to improve their global business competitiveness and achieve tangible results such as attracting additional investment and increasing sales.” Director Kim concluded, “Based on our experience and lessons learned in this CES, we plan to expand our strategy and provide up-and-coming startups with broader and more diverse opportunities and support measures to kickstart their successful landing on the global business scene.”

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