Global Collaborative 2022 Summer Program

2022-05-02Read 1785

Global Collaborative Summer Program is now recruiting participants!

◆What is GC Summer Program?
Aims to study important agendas of future civilizations with world-renowned scholars!

Empowers future generations to become global citizens who can contribute to a sustainable society!

What makes GC so special?
 The one and only English summer semester in KyungHee
 Friendship through an international network
 Opportunity to experience Korean Culture

Major credits are recognized depending on your major (3redits for each class) 

All classes are recognized as liberal arts credits.

*Please check the credit recognition table announced on the website.

Online lecture : 2022.6.27~2022.7.15
Offline Korean Culture Week : 2022.7.18~2022.7.21
Registration : ~2022.5.27

Application & More Information)

Please refer to the attached lecture poster.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact to <>