Campus Masterplan

Seoul Campus

The Seoul Campus Masterplan was formed in 2006. The three main objectives of this plan--which is intended to preserve the environment of the campus while also harmonizing nature with architecture--are to create "a campus within a park," "a campus of living tradition," and "a campus that embraces the world." The total area to be developed is 280,988 m² with 163,244 m² to be completed in the first phase and 117,744 m² in the second phase.
The first phase includes the construction of the College of Oriental Medicine, the College of Nursing Science, the College of Science and the Global Tower, the Research & University-Industry Cooperation building, welfare facilities, and athletics facilities, all centered around the Grand Stadium. The roads on campus will become pedestrian-centered and a 710 car capacity underground parking garage will be constructed to provide ample parking. The Global Tower will connect Kyung Hee to the rest of the world and raise its image as a "leader in globalization." The second phase will include the development of the College of Humanities, the College of Management, the Central Library, cultural and arts facilities, and a parking garage.
The Seoul Campus Masterplan aims to create the nation's top specialized campus as an open campus that interacts with the community and the world.

Global Campus

The Global Campus Masterplan was created in October 2008 to realize the University's visions of "education that creates the future," "research that opens an abundant future," and "the global practice of contribution, sharing, and service."
The masterplan is comprised of 39 total factors. Among these, the construction of spatial infrastructure through the expansion of educational and research facilities has been chosen as the most important and is currently underway. Priority will be put on constructing the College of Engineering building, the Research & University-Industry Cooperation building, the Sports Complex, the East-West Medicine building, the Life Sciences building, the International Management building, and "My Favorite Paths."
In addition, the Global Tower, I-House, and international student dormitory will be constructed as part of a future-oriented campus that fulfills the educational, research, cultural, and welfare needs of the University's members.