Neo-Renaissance Scholarship

Since its founding, the Kyung Hee University System has led the "creation of a civilized world" and worked toward creating the common values of freedom, equality, peace, and mutual prosperity. Kyung Hee has a proud tradition of efforts to resolve the various problems of modern society such as the misuse of science and technology, and the rise of terrorism and conflict caused by excessive competition, environmental depletion, the isolation of mankind, and the loss of humanity's character.

In the 21st century, this tradition continues in the form of the Neo-Renaissance movement. The main principle of this campaign is for humans to take ownership of history and civilization to create "a global common society" that is "spiritually beautiful, materially affluent, and humanly rewarding." To promote a new tradition that will lead the future of humanity and to put the principles of the Neo-Renaissance spirit into global action, the Kyung Hee University System established the Neo-Renaissance Scholarship to be administered by the Global Academy for Future Civilizations.

There are three types of Neo-Renaissance Scholarships: Social Contribution, Academic Support, and Award Grant. Applications are announced on the Kyung Hee University website and University Weekly every September via the Global Academy for Future Civilizations website.

Social Contribution

The three types of Social Contribution Scholarships are: the Internship Scholarship--which funds students to gain internship experiences at international organizations, such as the UN, civic organizations, corporations, or government institutions; the Community Service Scholarship--which supports short- and long-term student volunteer activities both domestically and internationally; and the Exploration Scholarship--which gives students opportunities to experience diverse cultures and lifestyles within and outside of Korea.

Academic Support

The four types of Academic Excellence Scholarships are: the Livelihood Scholarship--which funds students with disabilities, minority status, and financial difficulties in overcoming these barriers to pursue their passions for education; the Professional Education Scholarship--which supports students in pursuing professional educational programs both within Korea and abroad; the Research and Investigation Scholarship--which supports Neo-Renaissance research in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences domestically and internationally; and the Research Excellence Scholarship--which encourages undergraduates and graduates to conduct and submit high-quality research.

Award Grants

The three types of Award Grants are: the Neo-Renaissance Thesis Award and the Literary Art Award--which are open to undergraduates and graduates nationwide; and the Neo-Renaissance Praxis Award--which is granted to elementary, middle, high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.

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