Research Centers

Research Centers
Name Goals
Acupuncture and Meridian Science Research Center
  • To develop a new research system that brings together traditional medical theories with cutting edge medical technology as well as imaging technology to improve acupuncture and meridian science
  • To develop new treatments and investigate the effects of acupuncture through the cooperative research of various disciplines such as Oriental medicine (acupuncture and meridian science), neurological imaging, neurobiology, molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics
East-West Bone and Joint Research Institute
  • To develop treatments for bone and joint diseases through systematic basic and clinical research
  • To contribute to public health by fostering experts in bone and joint diseases and basic medicine
East-West Medical Research Institute
  • To conduct research and development efforts for the “third medicine” and East-West medicine
  • To participate in cooperative projects and related events as a member of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine
East-West Nursing Research Institute
  • To contribute to public health by advancing the uniquely Korean East-West nursing science by combining the nursing sciences of Western and Oriental medicines
East-West Pharmaceutical Research Institute
  • To develop medications that are easy to take and effective
  • To develop new medications with fewer side-effects by researching the properties and uses of the natural resources that are at the core of pharmaceuticals
Healthcare Industry Research Institute
  • To develop the healthcare industry
  • To raise the competitiveness of the Korean healthcare industry in the world through various research projects
  • To contribute to the general public health and welfare of the country
Institute for Medical Science
  • To expand knowledge of the life sciences
  • To foster medical personnel in medical science, dentistry, Oriental medicine, pharmacy, and nursing science through the organization and systemization of resources and personnel in basic and clinical research
Institute of Oriental Medicine
  • To create the “third medicine” through a revival of Oriental medicine by organizing and carrying out academic and systematic research
Kyung Hee Institute of Age-Related and Brain Disease
  • To develop new medicines for the aging population based on research and definition of the causes of various age-related diseases
Research Institute of Clinical Nutrition
  • To contribute to the development of academics through clinical medical research in order to prove the effectiveness of medical nutrition
  • To research East-West medical approaches to clinical nutrition
Research Institute of Oral Biology
  • To research improvements in oral health and to contribute to public oral health through the comprehensive study of basic and clinical dental medicine
Testing and Development Center for Dental Material
  • To conduct activities mandated by the Korea Food & Drug Administration’s 2008-47 announcement on “guidelines for medical equipment permits”
  • To determine the applicability of domestic or imported dental materials
  • To raise the quality of dental materials and practices and thereby contribute to the University’s reputation and the oral health of the public