(Humanities Korea)

Project Outline

  • Project Name : Foreign Regional Studies, Humanities Korea (HK)
  • Funding Source : National Research Foundation of Korea/ Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Group Name : Institute of Global Affairs (IGA)
  • Director : Se Eun Kwon (Department of Russian, Kyung Hee University)
  • Goal : Towards the world-class East Sea Research Center & Research hub in East Sea Rim studies
  • Agenda : "East Sea Regional Studies: Nature and Articulation of Network"
  • Research Regions : Korea's eastern seaboard, Japan's western seaboard, three northeastern regions of China, and the far eastern region of Russia
  • Total Funding : 3,749,040,000 KRW (10 years)
  • Research Period : 2011. 9. 1-2021. 8. 31


To establish a research system based on the research institute by cultivating researchers and building infrastructure in order to attain a world-class research capacity
To strengthen research capabilities in order to expand the academic and social impact of research and to create added value on knowledge through global dialogue and communication


Major Research Project HK
Campus Type Group Name Director Funding Duration
Global Foreign Regional Studies Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) Se Eun Kwon 3,700,000,000KRW 10 years(2011.9.1-2021)

About the Project

East Sea Regional Studies: Nature and Articulation of Network


Humanities Korea (HK) is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology's National Research Foundation of Korea. The purpose of the program is to establish a core research system to cultivate researchers and professionals. This is part of the government's policy to expand the academic and social impact of research. Upon selection by the HK project, the Institute of Global Affairs at Kyung Hee University is carrying out plans to improve research capacity and build a stable research infrastructure to rise to the ranks of world-class research institutes.

HK Research Group Introduction

The area of this research is on foreign regions and the agenda is "East Sea Regional Studies : Nature and Articulation of Network." The research is conducted by Kyung Hee University's East Sea Rim Research Center (ERC) on the East Sea area. The main projects include leading research on the East Sea, building a domestic and international research network, cultivating a new generation of scientists, and giving back to society. Through smooth management of the project, the center is strengthening its status as a university research institute and making efforts to become a core global research center in East Sea research.

  • Director : Professor Sung Soo Kim (College of Medicine, Kyung Hee University)
  • On-Campus :
    Professor Sun Yi Lee (Department of Korean), Professor Jun Tae Lee (Humanitas College)
    Professor Chang Soo Lee (Department of Japanese), Professor Sung Jae Choo (Department of Geography)
  • Off-Campus : Professor Bong Gil Kim (University of Toyama, Japan), Seong Jang Jeong (The Sejong Institute)
  • Research Support : Research Professor Jeong Hyun Kim, Research Professor Jin Sook Shin, Research Professor Hyun Sup Eum
Affiliated Institutions

Research Institute for North-Eastern Asia, Jilin University (China); North-Eastern Asia Research Center of Jilin Social Science Institute (China); Research Center for Far-Eastern Asia, University of Toyama (Japan); ERINA (Japan); International Center of Far Eastern Federal University (Russia), Daegu Gyeongbuk Development Institute, Research Institute for Gangwon Development (Korea)