Peace Conference

Kyung Hee University has commemorated the UN International Day of Peace by holding an annual Peace Conference since the day's establishment in 1981 at the 36th session of the UN General Assembly. The first Peace Conference was held in September 1982. In 2011, the theme of the conference was "The Body and Catastrophe: Towards a New Utopia."

For the past 30 years, the Peace Conference has contributed to the global expansion of peace research, education, and campaigns. Aside from the Peace Conference, the Global Academy for Future Civilizations also holds regular conferences to "establish common values and new plans for humanity and the global community." By providing an arena for pan-global exchange and research on modern societal phenomena in politics, economics, society, culture, and science, the Academy is expediting the formation of discourse on alternative civilization.

Past Conferences

  • Crisis and Peace in the Contemporary World (1982)
  • World Peace: Is It Possible? (1983)
  • World Peace Through the UN (1984)
  • The UN: The Past, Present and Future (1985)
  • Search for Causes of International Conflicts and Ways to Their Solutions (1986)
  • The Changing International Environment and the Korean Peninsula in the Late 1980s (1987)
  • The North-East Asian Era and the Roles of Korea, China and Japan in the 21st Century (1988)
    Peace Beyond the East-West Conflict: Northeast Asian Security and World Peace in the 1990s (1989)
  • The Search for a New World Peace Order with Reference to the Changes in East-West Relations (1990)
    New World Order: The Post-Ideological World in the 21st Century (1991)
  • Democracy and New International Order in the 21st Century (1992)
  • Peace in Northeast Asia: Toward Greater Regional Cooperation (1993)
    Restoration of Morality and Humanity (1994)
  • Tolerance, Restoration of Morality, and Humanity (1995)
  • Peace Strategies for Global Community and the Role of the UN in the 21st Century (1996)
  • Visions and Realities in the 21st Century: The Role of East Asia (1997)
  • Global Visions Toward the Next Millennium: Modern Civilization and Beyond (1998)
  • Will World Peace be Achievable in the 21st Century? (1999)
  • Global Governance in the 21st Century (2000)
  • Toward a Global Common Society Through Dialogue Among Civilizations (2001)
  • A Global Common Society Through Pax UN (2002)
  • Building a Global Common Society Through Neo-Renaissance (2003)
  • Urgent Tasks for Peace: Overcoming Terrorism (2004)
  • After Ideology: The 21st Century Talks (2005)
  • Reinventing Universality for the 21st Century: Beyond Freedom and Equality (2006)
  • Transformative Challenges: In Search of New Humanity and Community (2007)
  • Future Civilization, Future University: A New Horizon for Knowledge and Praxis (2008)
  • Kyung Hee Peace Workshop (2009)
  • The Body and Civilization: A New Horizon (2010)
  • The Body and Catastrophe: Towards a New Utopia (2011)
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