Peace BAR Festival

The Peace BAR Festival celebrates humanity's efforts towards overcoming conflict and confrontations to work towards peace and mutual prosperity. This festival began in 2004 with the groundbreaking ceremony for the UN Peace Park and Global NGO Complex, which was an extension of the 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs co-hosted by Kyung Hee University, UN NGO/DPI, and CoNGO.

BAR is an acronym for the 60-year tradition of pursuing a 21st century society that is "spiritually Beautiful, materially Affluent, humanly Rewarding."

The Peace BAR Festival seeks to create a global community founded on the common values of peace and mutual prosperity by bringing together academia, the UN, NGOs, business partnerships, and the public in various programs such as academic conferences, art and culture festivals, social service projects, and youth forums.

In 2009, which marked the University's 60th anniversary, Kyung Hee celebrated the UN International Day of Peace by holding the Kyung Hee Peace Workshop. This event was organized by the Kyung Hee University Global Academy for Future Civilizations Peace BAR Festival
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