Global Service Corps

Kyung Hee Global Service Corps(GSC) is a global service organization at the pan-university level.

The Global Service Corps (GSC) was launched in May 2010 to continue Kyung Hee's tradition of "Scholarship and Peace" and to carry out new social service activities as a 21st century university.
The GSC is comprised of four projects: the Global Praxis--which contributes to global service and contributions; the Community Partnership--which serves the local community; the Medical Service Program--which practices sharing through medicine; and the On-line Service Program--which transcends the barriers of time and space.
The launching of the GSC will serve as the impetus for establishing a new paradigm for the University's service to society.

“Love for Humans, Peaces for Humanity”

Kyung Hee Global Service Corps seeks to take part in sustainable peace for humanity and a global society based on Kyung Hee’s University history and tradition of “Scholarship and Peace.” For this reason, GSC aims to create a new identity of global eminence through sharing, contributing, and dedicating under the slogan of “Love for Humans, Peace for Humanity.” With the members of University, local community and global civil society, GSC will expand its purpose worldwide.


Global Service Learning Program
  • Social service program linked with credit (사회봉사 1,2,3)
Kyung Hee Global Service Collaborative Program
  • Internship programs with UN and INGO
Community Partnership Program
  • Social Contribution project team (기획단)
  • Mentoring Program (멘토링 프로그램)
  • Empathy for Life project (생명공감 프로젝트)
  • Kyung Hee Secret Santa (경희몰래산타)
Kyung Hee Global Praxis 6.0
  • a short-term abroad volunteer program (단기 해외봉사단)
  • a long-term abroad volunteer program (장기 해외봉사단-WFK 봉사단 등)
Global Service Corps(GSC)
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