Medical Care

Campus clinic

The Campus Clinic is open to Korean students and international students, including exchange students from Kyung Hee's partner universities. It conducts annual health check-ups, and provides consultations, diagnosis certifications, and prescriptions. Students must possess a Kyung Hee Student ID Card in order to receive medical treatment.

  • Location Room 152, Orbis Hall
  • Hours 9:00 AM-5:00 PM (weekdays)
  • Tel +82-2-961-0145

Kyung Hee Medical Center

Based on a first diagnosis from the Campus Clinic, the Kyung Hee Medical Center can provide further medical care and treatment. The KHMC is located in front of the main gate.

Medications and Pharmacies

If you have minor health problems (e.g. winter flu, sore throat, and minor cuts), you can visit a pharmacy where you can consult a pharmacist and purchase medications. Pharmacies near Kyung Hee Medical Center and larger pharmacies are more likely to carry a greater range of drugs. Seoul has numerous pharmacies that are easy to spot. Just look for a red "약" or "약국" sign. It is possible to buy prescription medicine as well as over-the-counter medication. It is important to alert your doctor and pharmacist of any allergies you may have.

Medical Insurance

Foreign students at Kyung Hee University are required to have private medical insurance. To buy medical insurance, students can pay the insurance fee on the tuition form. If you need any advice or more information on medical insurance, simply visit CISS and check the coverage, limit, and terms and conditions with the CISS staff.

  • Info
    • Center for International Students and Scholars (Seoul)
    • +82-2-961-9286
  • Info
    • Center for International Students and Scholars (Global)
    • +82-31-201-3177