Language Support Programs

Dowoomi (Korean Language Helpers)

Dowoomi is Korean for "helper" or "assistant." Through the Dowoomi program at the International Institute of Education, Korean student volunteers help international students at Kyung Hee study Korean and adjust to culture and life in Korea. The Dowoomi volunteers also benefit by gaining international experience as well as becoming good friends, Korean language teachers, and spokespersons to international students visiting Korea.

Major Responsibilities

  • Dowoomi training: 4 times per year; applications accepted throughout the year
  • 1:1 meetings with an international student (Korean language study, cultural excursions, etc.)
  • Group meetings with international students
  • Homestay and home-visiting
Dowoomi (Korean Language Helpers)
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KHU Counseling for Foreign Students

The KHU Counseling for Foreign Students offers assistance to international students regarding academics and life in Korea through counseling or by connecting students to translators for easy communication in their respective languages. Language assistance in this program is offered in Chinese and English.

Main Activities

  • Taking online reservations and scheduling 1:1 meetings
  • Providing assistance with course registration and basic translation services
  • Providing information on living in Korea and life on campus