Kyung Hee Tutoring

The Kyung Hee Tutoring program is a small-scale, student-centered learning program that brings together a tutee in need of academic assistance with a tutor who has shown a record of academic excellence. The program is separated into three types: Lion Tutoring-which matches Korean tutors and tutees; Global Tutoring-which matches international students and Korean students; and Oral Communication Tutoring (OCT)-which matches students who wish to improve their speech and communication skills. The tutoring program not only helps students in their academics, communication, and speech abilities, but also helps them develop social skills.

Kyung Hee Tutoring
Lion Undergraduate- and graduate-level tutors assist in every subject offered each semester, as well as with issues related to campus life.
Global Tutors (Korean or international undergraduates and graduate students) assist tutees (international students) with academics and adjusting to life in Korea.
OCT Tutors (undergraduate or graduate students) with a record of speech and presentation skills assist tutees in each step of the process of preparing an oral presentation.
Kyung Hee Tutoring
  Tutor Requirements Tutee Requirements
Lion &
An undergraduate or graduate student (students on leave are also eligible) who received an A or higher in the course to be tutored. All undergraduate students who want assistance in a course offered at the University.
OCT An undergraduate or graduate student (students on leave are also eligible) who received an A- or higher in a speech and presentation-related course, has been recommended by the dean, or has a record of excellence in this area. All undergraduate students who want assistance in improving their speech and presentation skills.

Tutoring Program Schedule

  • Application Period: Prior to or at the beginning of each semester
  • How to Apply: KHUIS ( → "Course/Grades/Counseling" → Tutoring -> Tutor/Tutee Application
  • Groups: 1 Tutor, 1-2 Tutees
  • Orientation: Information and training sessions for participants the third weeks of March and September
  • Program Activities: Minimum of ten meetings during one semester; tutoring reports and mid-semester meeting
  • Final Meeting: Following final exams each semester, there will be a presentation of tutoring results and awards for the best groups.

Tutoring Consulting

Provide specialized consultations for tutoring activities.

How to Apply : KHCTL(

Benefits for Tutors

Choose one : Tutoring allowance; or Certification of Service and community service credits (3 credits per semester for a maximum of three consecutive semesters)

Students who will be graduating, taking a leave of absence, or studying abroad in the following semester may not choose the second option.