Center for International Students and Scholars

International Student & Scholar Services(ISSS)

International Student & Scholar Services(ISSS) provides general information and support to international students, exchange students, international government scholarship recipients, and international faculty at Kyung Hee University. Visit the ISSS homepage for information on international admissions, cultural events for current students, dormitory applications, scholarships, TOPIK applications, and internship and job opportunities for international students.

Main Duties

  • Social and academic support for international students
  • Internal and external scholarship support for international students
  • Support and promote the advancement of international students in society
  • Oversee international student and visitor statistics and evaluations
  • Oversee international student alumni programs
  • Facilitate and support international faculty and student community formation
  • Housing support for international faculty and students
  • International student exchanges, cultural programs, and intercultural exchange program planning and support
  • Administration and oversight of Korean Government and international invitation scholarships
  • Global Zone administration and support
  • Miscellaneous duties and oversight to ensure successful operations

Information for Visitors

  • Location : Room 607, Cheongwoon Building, Seoul Campus Tel. +82-2-961-0920
    Room 108, Woojungwon, Global Campus Tel. +82-31-201-3967
  • Hours : 9:00 AM-5:30 PM (weekdays; lunch break 12:00 PM-1:00 PM)
  • Services : Visa consultations, leave of absence information, dormitory information, scholarship information, etc
  • Languages : Korean, Chinese, English, Russian, and Vietnamese (may vary according to student assistant availability)
ISSS (Korean)
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    • Division of International Student & Scholar Services (Global)
    • +82-31-201-3967