Student Activities

IFCC (International Friendship & Culture Club)

The IFCC brings together Korean students and international students to build friendships and foster cultural exchange. Through participation in the IFCC, students can build an international network while gaining global experiences. Also, the exchanges that occur among IFCC's members increase a proper mutual understanding of culture.

  • Regular meetings
  • Welcoming party
  • Research trips
  • Sports activities
International Friendship & Culture Club
  • Info
    • Division of International Partnerships & Mobility Programs
    • +82-2-961-0031

Student Organizations

Joining a student organization takes up a significant part of university life in Korea. Students can share interests and hobbies while also building a broad personal network and gaining professional skills. By participating in these organizations in their free time, students can learn to be members of a society as they discover their own characters and skills. The main organizations are categorized into seven groups: performance, academic, service, athletics, religions, hobbies, and creative exhibition.

Cheering Squad

Kyung Hee University's cheering squad has its roots in the cheering division of the College of Physical Education but has expanded to the size and role it performs today. The cheering squad contributes to elevating Kyung Hee's image and brings members of the campus together at rallies, sports games, and various on- and off-campus events.

Chieering Squad (Seoul Campus) Chieering Squad (Global Campus)