Kyung Hee Global Virtual School

Kyung Hee University is offering the Korean Studies Global Virtual School for foreign students, which have gained attention worldwide due to the popularity of Hallyu and K-Culutre.

Participants will be introduced to various fields of Koreanology and have a deeper understanding of Korean culture.


The Foundations and Values of Korean Culture

This lecture aims to establish a basic understanding of Korean cultural history by reviewing the foundation of Korean culture through literary history and organizing its values.

  • Level : Beginner
  • Instructor : Jang Moon-seok
Contemporary Literature through Generation

In this course we will examine the flow of contemporary Korean literature history from the perspective of the emerging and replacement of a new generation. According to Raymond Williams, culture is changing through dynamic transformation of “the residual,” “the dominant,” and “the emergent.” Through this viewpoint, contemporary literature can be interpreted by constant replacement of a new generation in creation of acceptance.

  • Level : Beginner
  • Instructor : Seo Deok-soon
Korean Cultural Genes through Language

The language we are using needs to be studied in detail from the perspective of human cultural genes. It is unfortunate, however, that such research is not being conducted in depth. If human genes are transmitted through our bodies, the cultural genes are transmitted through language. Therefore, just like human DNA is being studied, we have to analyze and study the human language. So, what cultural genes can be found in the Korean language. Of course, these are not only Korean genes like the human ones. The cultures have changed constantly influencing each other. And matured. They are changing even now. Through examining the cultural genes of Koreans in Korean language, we will learn to understand Korean language and Korean’s attitudes, values, and feelings toward life. And we will learn to draw a cultural genetic map of Koreans through Korean language.

  • Level : Beginner
  • Instructor : Cho Hyun yong
Learning Basic Korean Communication through K-dramas

This course is a basic Korean language course aimed at beginner-level Korean language learners. The content focuses on scenes from K-dramas. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are taught in an integrated manner, but the focus is on speaking, so the course is structured to teach not only understanding Korean, but its actual use as well.

  • Level : Beginner
  • Instructor : Lee Jung-Hee
  • All Program Courses are 2 KHU credits each
  • One Program Course consists of 10 lectures (75 min. each)
  • Students can take up to 1 Program Course per person (2 credits)
  • Grading : Pass / Fail

2023 Virtual School Dates

  • Application Dates : November 27, 2023(Mon) ~ December 8, 2023(Fri)
  • Program Dates : December 22, 2023 (Fri) ~ January 16, 2024 (Tue)
  • The online courses are free, and students can request a certificate upon completion.
  • Students may request a Transcript of Records to be recognized by their home universities according to their individual standards. Ask your university about credit transfer availability.
  • Lectures are available virtually through the Kyung Hee University E-campus system at

Admission Requirements Before You Apply

  • You should be an undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university. We will ask you to provide a certificate of enrolment.
  • Virtual School consists of KHU credit-bearing courses. However, your home institution may or may not accept them as credits towards your degree. Consult with your home institution about credit questions.