Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning(CTL) develops and operates a variety of learning programs to support student success and growth in learning. Through our learning programs, we help our students advance on their own initiative and achieve individualized academic goals.

Student Learning Programs

Kyung Hee Tutoring
Program List Descriptions
Learning Method Lecture General Lecture Special lectures designed to strengthen core academic competencies at university-level such as learning strategies and practical skills of undergraduate students
Advanced Lecture Advanced special lecture on in-depth learning methods to enhance future learning capabilities
Customized Lecture Lectures on learning methods customized to the specific needs of colleges and departments
Study Group Study Group for Major Subjects A group of 4-5 students studying the same major course develops their major learning capabilities together
Study Group for Free Theme A group of 4-5 students can achieve various goals together through collaborative learning, beyond just academic studies
Freshman Program Learning Lecture for New Students A lecture is provided for new students to help them understand and navigate the learning method in university education
Special Lectures by colleagues Special lecture that shares the experience and proven strategies of senior students for successful university study
Academic Counseling for Freshmen One-on-one professional consulting for Freshmen to help them adapt and prosper at university
Academic Clinic Presentation Clinic Small-scale workshops to improve presentation and speech skills
Learning Strategy Clinic Small-scale workshops to learn academic strategies for successful university experience
Academic Counseling Clinic Counseling program that diagnoses learning problems and helps establish sound learning strategies to solve them
Mentoring Program A student mentor (3rd-4th year students) who have completed the Mentorship Training Program team up with 1-2 mentee students (1st-2nd year or transfer students ) to help them successfully adapt to life at Kyung Hee
Mentorship Training Program Program that focused on developing leadership for student mentors through professional coaching education
Debate Training Program Trains and supports students to engage in discussions and debates in a logical and effective manner
Learning Experience Contest Sharing through contests the best practices and experiences related to university life and learning
Monitoring Group Monitoring group that evaluates and provides feedback on the programs of the Center for Teaching and Learning
CTL Supports The supporters are responsible for promoting the programs of the CTL, which includes media production, public relations channel operation, and event planning
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