International Exchange Programs

Exchange Student Program

For Kyung Hee students studying abroad

Each semester since December 2011, Kyung Hee University has sent exchange students to 434 sister universities in 69 countries throughout the world. Various types of scholarships are available and students are sent for one semester or one year, depending on their majors. Through its network of prestigious international universities such as UMAP, INU, ISEP, and SAF, Kyung Hee allows its students to earn credits freely in Korea, Japan, China, Europe, and the U.S. Applications are accepted for consideration each March and September at the Office of International Affairs homepage ( The website also offers information on each sister university and evaluation reports by previous exchange students. Approximately 500 students are chosen to participate each year.

  • Undergraduate freshmen (2nd semester only), sophomores, and juniors are eligible.
  • Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • Candidates must meet additional requirements as stated in the website announcement.
Selection Criteria
  • Language grades (by language)
  • Interview
  • GPA
  • Language proficiency (Exams may be administered in some cases.)
For foreign exchange students at Kyung Hee

All formalities concerning international exchange students planning to study at Kyung Hee University under the terms of a bilateral agreement must be conducted via the home university. You should initially inquire at your own university (for example, at the International Relations Office) whether exchange programs exist between your institution and Kyung Hee University.

Required Documents
  • Online personal information form ( Seoul / Global )
  • Application Form for Exchange Students, Kyung Hee University Download
  • Official Academic Transcript (English)
  • Certificate of Enrollment (English)
  • Study Plan Outline (English or Korean)
  • 2 Photographs (front, hatless): 3cmX4cm
  • Copy of Passport
  • Notification of Travel Arrangements
  • Recommendation
  • Application for Admission to Dormitory ( Seoul / Global )

For more information about application, please visit

Application Deadlines
  • November 1 for Spring semester (March-June)
  • May 1 for Fall semester (September-December)
Exchange & Study Abroad Prgrams
Study Abroad Program

Through academic exchange agreements, the Study Abroad Program enables students to gain credits by studying abroad on their own finances and offers students more diverse study abroad options. Students are considered to have the same status as exchange students, and study abroad for one semester or one year.

  • Opportunities to study in a high quality educational environment
  • Continuity of academic progress (receiving full credits that are approved upon return to Kyung Hee)
  • Gaining a global perspective by living in dormitories and interacting with host country students
  • Increased language abilities
Short-term Learning Program

The Short-term Learning program offers an opportunity for students to use the summer or winter break to study abroad for less than two months. The five types of training are: major-based, language, athletics, culture, and internship.

  • Continuity of academic progress (receiving full credits that are approved upon return to Kyung Hee)
  • Increased language abilities and global perspectives
  • Approval of various credits upon the successful completion of the program (graduate students excluded)
Dual Degree Program and Credit Transfers

The Dual Degree Program enables students to receive a degree each from Kyung Hee University and another institution with which it has made a dual degree agreement. This program is raising the global capacity of Kyung Hee's students and is available at 14 schools in nine countries, such as ?cole Polytechnique in France, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) in Japan, Central University of Nationalities in China, and the University of Victoria in Canada. A Joint Degree program that offers one degree in the name of two universities is also available and will be further developed in the coming years.

  • Receive two degrees: one from Kyung Hee University and one from a foreign university simultaneously within four years
  • Maintain credits at Kyung Hee University while pursuing a second major at a university abroad
Culture and Athletics Exchange

To share the excellence of Korean culture, the Culture and Athletics Exchange Program sends culture and sports teams to sister universities and institutions abroad. Through this exchange, students of each culture can cultivate friendships and widen mutual understanding.

Program History
2005 Taekwondo team invited to Hokuriku University in Japan.
Calligraphy department, chorus, and dance team hold joint performance and exhibition.
2008 Women's Field Hockey teams from Kyung Hee University and APU in Japan exchange skills and compete.
2009 APU and Kyung Hee University cheering squads cheer together during football and baseball finals; both universities' cheering squads and hip-hop groups exchange skills.
2010 The APU and Kyung Hee University calligraphy departments hold joint exhibition.
2011 The APU and Kyung Hee University photography clubs hold joint exhibition.