Language/Culture Programs

Korean Language Courses for International Students

Professionally licensed Korean language instructors lead classes in a comfortable and upbeat setting for efficient learning. A "homeroom teacher" system and an academic/lifestyle counseling program are also provided.

Regular Program (10 Weeks)
  • Beginner 1 & 2 / Intermediate 1 & 2 / Advanced 1 & 2
  • Language courses, cultural experiential programs, on-site learning programs, etc.

Completion of Intermediate Level 2 is required for students who wish to apply for a university degree program.

Short-term Program (3 Weeks)
  • Short-term language courses, cultural experiential programs, and performances viewing programs
Special Program (Ongoing)
  • Korean language and culture classes for foreign diplomats in Korea
  • Instruction for improved communication skills and cultural understanding for foreign diplomats and their families residing in Korea
  • Every Monday and Wednesday from 7 PM to 9 PM (Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2)
  • Korean language courses and Korean culture courses (hanbok, Korean food, traditional crafts, samulnori, traditional games, etc.)
Institute of International Education (Seoul) Institute of Language and Continuing Education (Global)
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  • Info
    • Institute of Language and Continuing Education (Global)
    • +82-31-201-3377